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boytube's Journal

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What's this community for?

This community is here for users to share links to exceptional media (pictures and/or video) found elsewhere on the internet. Possible sites where this material can be found include PornoTube, YouTube and xTube. Please do not post media that holds a copyright without the permission of the copyright holder.

Video from YouTube or other sites that utilize a "YouTube"-like linking style may be embedded in entries using the Rich Text Editor (RTE). Simply select the icon in the RTE and paste a YouTube-formatted link in the box. Please be sure to place embedded items under a LJ-Cut, as described below. Media from xTube and PornoTube will not embed. Instead, please post a link to the media in the entry, as well as a short description of the media.


All posts to this community are friends-only. Public posts will be deleted.
Usernames in delete status will not be added and are subject to removal from the community.

Prior to granting access to the community, moderators will review your userinfo to ensure that your birthdate is listed and read through your journal to look for any "underage warning signs."

For access, you must have your full birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) listed in your LiveJournal userinfo.

If this information is not present, your membership will be denied. Members are required to keep this information visible. If moderators notice that your birthdate is missing or indicates that you may be underage, your membership will be immediately revoked. If it appears that you may be underage, the community maintainer will open a request with the LiveJournal Abuse Team and you will be banned from the community; LiveJournal Abuse may also suspend your account.

Community Policy

Advertising in the community is forbidden. If you advertise, the post will be deleted and marked as spam, and you will be removed and banned from the community.

The community will not be moderated, for the most part, but the maintainer and moderators reserve the right to moderate any user, at any time. Anonymous posting is disabled, but anyone with a LiveJournal username can post.

Legal stuff

Media that is illegal for viewing in the United States (including, but not limited to beastiality and child pornography) will result in your username and post content being report to the LiveJournal abuse team for investigation and may result in the permanent suspension of your account. There is 0% tolerance in regards to this policy.


Using the LJ-Cut feature.
We understand that some users check their friends-list from public environments. As such, we require all posts with images or embedded video to be posted behind an lj-cut. However, all users are warned that this is an adult community which DOES contain media that may be sexual or erotic in nature. By joining this community and, furthermore, by placing this community on your friends-list so that you are exposed to new content as it is posted, you acknolwedge the inherent risk that media of a sexual or erotic nature may be in plain-view on your friends page. If you join this community and, optionally, add this community to your friends list, you agree to accept this risk. You may comment to users' entries and ask them to lj-cut the entry, but not cutting the entry is NOT grounds for deletion of the entry or removal from the community. If you are concerned that this may present an issue, you may be interested in filtering your friends view so that this community does not show up on your default friends view. Information on doing this, should you be interested, can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=179.